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We're here to help you better understand YOUR rosacea

We know there are some common beliefs around rosacea, which could stop you getting the help you need. Scroll down to see if you can relate, creating your own personalized download guide along the way.

You may say…

I don't want to waste my doctor's time, it's not that serious a disease

Rosacea is a serious disease, it affects more than 40 million people worldwide - and if left untreated may worsen over time

This makes it worthy of a dermatologist’s or doctors time, and now more than ever they’re becoming aware rosacea is more that just the symptoms we can see

To make the most of your consultation time prepare by thinking about how your rosacea has bothered you in the last six months

A little
A lot

How much has rosacea impacted your life in the last six months?

You may say…

I didn't feel like my previous treatment was tailored to me

Everyone’s rosacea is different so you need to discuss all your symptoms with your doctor and dermatologist

If your previous treatments didn’t work as well as you had hoped then you may want to ask a dermatologist or doctor about the other treatment options available. 

Ensuring they know how rosacea affects you, and what symptoms you experience is important in customizing your personalized treatment plan.

Below are some of the visible and hidden symptoms of rosacea, select all the ones that you have experienced
  1. Permanent redness
  2. Itchy/sore/red eyes
  3. Flushing/temporary redness
  4. Spots or bumps
  5. Visible small blood vessels
  6. Dry appearance
  7. Itching
  8. Pain/stinging or burning
  9. Red and swollen nose
You may say…

I've tried everything already - nothing works for me

It's a new era in rosacea treatment

It’s time to reset your expectations. Innovative treatment options are available that can target the underlying inflammation of rosacea

Help a dermatologist find the right treatment for you by discussing:


what you've tried previously


what you are currently doing to manage your rosacea

Have you ever used any of the below treatments to manage your rosacea

Please select all that apply

Skincare products
Lifestyle management
Prescription gels, ointments or creams
Prescription oral treatment
Of the treatments you’ve selected which are you currently using?

Please select all that apply

You may say…

I have been told that I will always have rosacea

Currently there is no cure for rosacea, but you can aim for clear skin and fewer flares

Building a partnership with a dermatologist can help form your personalized treatment plan. This will really help you in aiming for clear skin. This will include tailored prescription treatments, lifestyle modifications and a skin care routine catered to your needs

Telling the dermatologist how many flares you have experienced in the last 6 months is a critical factor in understanding your treatment needs

Select the number of flares you have had in the past 6 months...
You may say…

I don’t think prescription treatments are anymore effective than other products

Advanced prescription solutions are redefining treatment success making the goal of clearing rosacea a possibility

Given time to work effectively, prescription treatments together with appropriate skincare and lifestyle considerations, can successfully manage the cause and the symptoms of the rosacea

You may say…

I'm embarrassed to talk about my skin and the way it looks

Don’t be embarrassed – dermatologists are here to help

Issues and topics that you feel are personal and embarrassing will be an everyday conversation for a dermatologist. It’s really important that they know how your rosacea is impacting you, both physically and emotionally

By telling them how the disease really affects you, they can understand the importance of helping you reach success in your rosacea treatment journey

There is also a growing online community of people with rosacea to offer support and advice and help you on your journey to clear skin

You may say…

I find it hard to talk about how my rosacea makes me feel emotionally

The symptoms and impact of rosacea is more than skin deep

Rosacea is a chronic and visible inflammatory disease. As it affects your daily life, chances are it also impacts on your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Even though it’s hidden, the psychological burden of rosacea is now acknowledged as a real symptom and can be an important part of your treatment

Speak to a dermatologist about how your disease affects you, physically and emotionally, to tailor your treatment to encompass all of your symptoms – not just the one’s they can see

Press and hold the buttons to show how much these hidden symptoms of rosacea affect you